Experient's On-Site Management Checklist

Your pre-planning is complete. It's time to turn your focus to the on-site aspect of your event — from room block management, meeting room setups, VIPs and Food & Beverage. The following checklist will walk you through many of the most important points to keep in mind.Experient's On-Site Management Checklist

Here are just a few of the questions or suggestions inside this checklist:

  • Designate a specific meeting place for all staff to report for the daily wrap meeting to discuss the current day’s events and next day’s assignments.

  • Introduce all of the key players. Include a brief overview of the program, attendee demographics and review of the hotel resume. Ask for the hotel house count/occupancy to ensure there is no risk of a walk situation.

  • Assign a dedicated staff member on site to offer support for all VIP needs and act as a main point of contact.

There's always the possibility of additional items that are unique to every function and this list gives you a good place to start.

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